By being inquisitive & bold,
we get results.

By being inquisitive & bold,
we get results.

By being inquisitive & bold,
we get results.


Who are we?

Waterbear provides simple and effective solutions for building, marketing, and managing your online presence. By looking at your business’s bigger picture, we can help you break through the online clutter, connect with your customers and tell your story.

From cloud architecture solutions and backend specialization to search engine optimization and everything in between. From one-page websites to streaming video platforms. Whether you’re a one-(wo)man show or an orchestra-sized team. Waterbear has you covered.



We’re always up to tackle the hard projects that others won’t. We find joy in solving some of the biggest and baddest problems for our clients.


We value questions, evidence-driven design, and being unafraid to fail quickly and bounce back better. Being curious and bold is how we get results.


There’s no “I” in Waterbear. We work with you to understand your needs, combine our strengths, and get the best possible results. Waterbear is your team.


Even the smallest business should have access to the same tough tech and specialized skills. Ditto for non-profits. We help level the playing field, no matter your budget.

Mission and Vision

At Waterbear, we identify with our squishy, tiny, and damn near indestructible namesakes. Water bears (also know as tardigrades) are incredibly adaptable. They can survive the most extreme environments imaginable. They can turn themselves into glass when they dry out, then come back to life. They can even survive the frozen vacuum of space.

Ok. So we’re maybe not headed for the outer reaches of our galaxy any time soon, but — like the water bear — we do thrive on a challenge.

Our mission is making connection simple. We help businesses figure out how they want to connect with their customers online and create resilient, intuitive tools to do so.

The Waterbear People

Kevin Lindsay
Karen Smecher
Michelle Langlois
Christopher Kwong
Full Stack Developer