Meet the Waterbear Team
Kevin 740

Kevin Lindsay


With over 20 years of experience creating innovative software, building startup companies, and contributing to open source projects used by millions, Kevin is the tech expert you’ve always wanted to have on your team. He’s worked with businesses of every size and every budget to determine what technological solutions will work for them, now and in the future.

Kevin’s expertise is wide-ranging, and includes website optimization and proxies, network and software IT security, software engineering and architecture, and designing and implementing backup plans to keep data safe. A current area of focus is designing best practice cloud solutions, especially for enterprise and financial institutions. Give him your toughest IT problems: Kevin will find robust and creative solutions.

More importantly, Kevin believes in innovation, collaboration, and fostering a culture of learning. He will work with you to find solutions to your strategic pains, opening spaces in which creative, technical minds are free to work together to innovate. Failing quickly means you’re one step closer to a better solution. With Kevin, you get someone who can help you measure your success and failures, review, implement, and repeat, as needed, until you have something incredible.


Karen Smecher


Karen grew up travelling between the Canadian forest and the urban streets of Mexico City, an upbringing that taught her how to quickly adapt to any situation. For over 16 years, this adaptability has served her and her clients well. Her unique mix of education and experience means she has the knowledge, tools, and grit to get things done — no matter what it is that needs doing.

Karen has strong foundational skills and extensive experience in project and people management, client relations, business development, technical writing, data analysis, corporate administration, marketing, and sales. Her work in the environmental engineering industry taught her how to collaborate with diverse stakeholders to set common goals and successfully achieve them. Now, she brings this expertise to her work as an entrepreneur and in online presence management. Tell her what you want to achieve: Karen will craft an effective and lean plan to get you there.

Karen believes in curiosity, collaboration, and lifelong learning. There’s no problem too tough for her to try and solve, and no skill that can’t be learned or managed. With Karen, you get someone who will go the extra mile to help you reach your goals. She also believes in sharing her energy with people working to make the world a better place (environmental causes are especially close to her heart).


Michelle Langlois


Michelle’s passion is helping people tell their powerful stories of change to jumpstart action. With over 12 years of experience working with local community groups, international non-profit organizations and small businesses, Michelle prides herself on being able to create persuasive, strategic and creative content that gets results. And she’ll do it in English or French.

No matter what story you need to tell and how — from websites to proposals, and press releases to newsletters — Michelle can work with you to choose, structure, and highlight the details that matter most to connect with each customer. Less is often more: a well-crafted sentence is a powerful tool. Her expertise has helped non-profit organizations raise over $13 million in granted funding. She is now helping local businesses grow and build relationships with their customers.

Michelle believes in connection, collaboration, and the importance of authenticity. With Michelle, you get someone who can listen to you and help you amplify your voice, not hide your message under jargon and buzzwords.


Christopher Kwong

Full Stack Developer

Christopher was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Vancouver. A full stack developer who prides himself on being adaptable, organized, efficient, and a quick learner, Christopher is Waterbear’s resident go-to guy for all things computery.

Through 6+ years of experience developing and testing Android apps, software, websites, and web applications for a variety of local Vancouver companies, Christopher has honed both front end and back end skills. He’s comfortable working with multiple technologies, including C++, Java, C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and more. He has been heavily involved in research and development, working with databases in the PHP front and back end.

Christopher believes in getting the work done on time, every time, and in face-to-face collaboration. With Christopher, you get someone who will listen to what you need and work tirelessly to help you get it.